About Supamanshoba


Within the words "I AM THE LIGHT" lies the radiant truth of my being, illuminating the path of self-discovery and guiding others towards their own brilliance.

"The only yellowbone with wings" popular phrase that I always use in my video/podcasts introductions, is me embracing and acknowledging the presence of the powerful angel/isthunywa that walks with me. Isthunywa sami is a white/yellowish lion that has wings, hence I coined the phrase. The phrase has nothing to do with me "Supamanshoba" the person.

Do these mythical creatures exist?

Watch this video to explore the possibility of the existence of mermaids, dragons and mystical snakes that are believed to have supernatural powers.

Ukuphahla the basics

This video teaches the best method of communicating with your ancestors using nature and astrology. Watch and leave your comment.