Ngoni Creation Story

In the timeless expanse before creation, Umkhulu Omkhulu, the Creator, existed as one with the deep waters, darkness, and the primordial sound, the Word. From this unity, Umkhulu Omkhulu emerged as a serpent, slithering forth from the reeds, earning the title “Inkosi yomhlanga” among the Ngoni people.


The Tri-Unity

Feeling a need for balance within the universe, Umkhulu Omkhulu divided into two entities: the masculine spirit, embodying God the Father, and the feminine spirit, becoming known as Unomkhubulwane, or God the Mother. Through their intimate union, they birthed Umvelinqangi, the God of Thunder and Light, often referred to as the Sun or the Son of God.


The creation of the Gods

The Tri-Unity of God then collectively brought forth other deities to establish the nine Kingdoms of God, though only seven of these realms and their divine rulers are commonly known. These are:

  1. Umkhulu Omkhulu Kingdom/Nzuza Kingdom – God the Father
  2. Nomkhubulwane Kingdom/Nkanyamba Kingdom – God the Mother
  3. Umvelinqangi Kingdom – God of Thunder & Light, The Sun/Son of God
  4. Nomhoyi Kingdom – Goddess of the Waters
  5. Unyanga Kingdom – Goddess of the Moon and Guardian of Healers
  6. Sonzwaphi Kingdom – The God and Guardian of Healers

The creation

These seven visible kingdoms are believed to have shaped the universe, forming angels, spirits, humans, planets, and all therein. These divine entities are said to have always been present, guiding humanity through ancestors and angels, known as amadlozi.

Umkhulu Omkhulu, however, chose not to directly interact with his creation, instead appointing our deceased ancestors as mediators between humanity and the divine collective. Thus, the presence of the divine endures through the ages, offering guidance and protection to those who seek it.

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