Self-Initiates, who are they?

Self-initiation has become a popular topic lately, with some claiming to be self-initiates due to certain dreams they have. However, others doubt their authenticity, labeling them as imposters. So, let’s delve into what self-initiates are and how to identify if you might be one.

Who Are Self-Initiates?

Self-initiates, also known as Nzuza children, embody the spirit of Nzuza, which is believed to be a divine or angelic presence facilitating communication with creation. Nzuza is associated with benevolence and prosperity, guiding individuals towards wealth and leadership.

How to Spot a Self-Initiate:

  • Underwater Dreams: Many self-initiates report dreaming of being underwater, breathing effortlessly as if on land. While not everyone has these dreams, they’re often seen as a significant indicator of self-initiation.
  • Lucid Dreaming: Self-initiates tend to have very clear and vivid dreams, remembering them in detail regardless of their length.
  • Dream Initiation: Self-initiates often receive teachings and guidance in their dreams, learning spiritual practices like prayer and healing without undergoing physical initiation.
  • Encounters with Mythical Creatures: Some self-initiates dream of interacting with mythical beings like dragons or serpents, often experiencing these encounters in a positive light.
  • Multiple Spirits: It’s common for self-initiates to be initiated for more than one spirit, broadening their spiritual connections.

Less Obvious Signs:

  • Dreams of Ancient Animals: Dreams featuring old crocodiles or hippos, especially if they stand upright, can be indicative of self-initiation.
  • Encounters with Radiant Serpents: While seeing shining serpents might hint at self-initiation, it’s not a surefire sign as others may experience this too.

Characteristics of Self-Initiates:

  • Kindness and Generosity: Self-initiates are often generous and compassionate, reflecting the benevolent nature of the Nzuza spirit.
  • Calm and Sensitive: They tend to avoid conflict and are emotionally sensitive, reacting strongly to any harm directed towards them.
  • Protective Nature: The Nzuza spirit is fiercely protective of its children, swiftly responding to anything or anyone causing harm.

Do Self-Initiates Need Physical Initiation?

There’s ongoing debate about whether self-initiates require physical initiation. Contrary to popular belief, self-initiates don’t initiate themselves; their idlozi guides this process. Some may receive all necessary guidance spiritually, while others may be directed to seek physical initiation based on their idlozi’s guidance.

In conclusion, self-initiation is a complex aspect of spirituality, influenced by individual experiences and spiritual guidance. Recognizing self-initiates involves considering various signs and experiences, respecting the diversity of interpretations within this realm.

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